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Aitutaki Accommodation

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Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands, South Pacific
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  When planning your Aitutaki lagoon vacation, you may wonder how long to stay on Aitutaki versus Rarotonga. Commonly, travelers are told to plan the bulk of their  travel on Rarotonga with only a few days, or less, on Aitutaki, as a side trip, this is bad information, and the majority of guests who arrive on Aitutaki for a short stay are disappointed they didn’t plan to stay here longer. While both of these Cook Islands offer something special for your South Pacific vacation, the relaxing pace of life, the almost unbelievable beauty of the Aitutaki lagoon, and the long stretches of postcard-perfect Aitutaki beach, are what make Aitutaki travel a paradise and leave visitors wishing they could stay forever.

  Aitutaki hotels and resorts range from budget to luxury. If you’re looking for an Aitutaki resort on the beach or if you prefer your Aitutaki travel a little more on the adventurous side, Aitutaki Cook Islands has something for everyone. On Aitutaki, Cook Islands accommodation includes guest houses, beach front bungalows, hotels, beach huts, boutique villas, luxury resorts, vacation rentals, garden lodges, and much more. You can browse through all options for Cook Islands Accommodation by clicking on the accommodation tab on the menu bar. Many Aitutaki hotels have kitchen facilities or restaurants on site, or nearby. And beachfront Aitutaki Cook Islands hotels are located on some of the most idyllic stretches of beach you will ever see. If your Aitutaki travel is for a wedding or honeymoon, Aitutaki accommodation are an ideal setting for romance! Whether your Aitutaki lagoon vacation is for a secluded getaway for two, or a South Pacific vacation for the whole family, there are Aitutaki Cook Islands accommodation just for you.

  While most people think Aitutaki travel is all about relaxing, Aitutaki accommodation provide plenty of activities to keep you busy. The Aitutaki lagoon is the highlight of any Cook Islands travel. Water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and Aitutaki lagoon tours comprise most of the Aitutaki “To Do” list. When you imagine a South Pacific vacation, chances are it involves crystal clear water and brightly colored fish; look no further than the Aitutaki lagoon! You can easily snorkel the magnificent, turquoise water just off the beach but you won’t want to miss taking an Aitutaki lagoon tour and a chance to swim, snorkel, and explore one of the many motus (small islands) of Aitutaki. If your Aitutaki travel dreams include a chance to catch the big one, Aitutaki has several deep sea fishing charters. Aitutaki Cook Islands is also fast becoming known as a world class spear fishing destination in the South Pacific. And for those who want to see Aitutaki Cook Islands on a “deeper” level, then there are scuba diving tours that can take you outside the Aitutaki lagoon for a chance to see below the surface of Aitutaki. There are Aitutaki Cook Islands hotels that offer kayaks for their guests, as well as kayak rentals around the island, for those wishing to paddle. However you experience it, the Aitutaki lagoon will leave you wishing your Cook Islands vacation would never end!

  Back on land, the Aitutaki Lagoon has lots of opportunity for fun and adventure. Island Nights on Aitutaki are a must for any Aitutaki travel. From the hypnotic hips of Aitutaki’s beautiful women, to the raw power of the men, the succulent local buffet, to the soul-stirring drumming and singing, Aitutaki Island Nights are what travel to the South Pacific is all about.

  Aitutaki Cook Islands also has land tours to show you more of our verdant island and teach you a little about this unique Aitutaki Cook Islands culture. While visiting the Aitutaki lagoon you can climb to the highest point on Aitutaki, tour working Aitutaki plantations, see ancient mares, and learn about Aitutaki history and culture. Aitutaki Cook Islands, is also easy to get around on your own and there are places to rent bikes and scooters to make your Cook Islands travel a little easier!

  Dining on Aitutaki offers you enough variety to keep your vacation interesting. You can grab a burger or fish and chips at one of the take-away spots on Aitutaki’s main street, or savor a gourmet meal in a garden setting or over looking the gorgeous Aitutaki lagoon. Most Aitutaki hotels and Aitutaki resort offer kitchen facilities so you can dine in, if you choose. Aitutaki has several food stores, most within walking distance of your Aitutaki accommodation. Aitutaki is laid back and relaxed but there are still spots to enjoy a little South Pacific night life.

  And when it’s time to shop for a souvenir or a gift to take home from your Aitutaki travel, then you can find shops in Aitutaki with hand painted pareaus and tropical shirts to remind you of your Aitutaki lagoon vacation. You may even come across a coconut bra or a ukulele while shopping in Aitutaki Cook Islands, so you can show the folks back home what an Island Night is like!

  You won’t find a more picturesque spot for a wedding or a honeymoon than Aitutaki Cook Islands. Imagine saying “I do” with your feet in the white sand and the bluest shades of water in the South Pacific in the background. Romance lives on Aitutaki Cook Islands; you will never have to walk far to find a quiet beach, or gently swaying palms. And Aitutaki Hotels and resorts are ready to help organize your special day, or prepare all those special touches for a dream honeymoon. Once you’ve been here, you may even find yourself planning a South Pacific vacation to renew your vows and experience the magic of an Aitutaki lagoon wedding all over again.
Aitutaki lagoon
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    Aitutaki, Cook Islands is a rare gem in the South Pacific: an unspoiled landscape of lush vegetation, swaying palms, friendly faces, all ringed by one of the worlds most beautiful blue lagoons. A South Pacific vacation to Aitutaki Cook Islands is the stuff dreams are made of. Aitutaki lagoon is a postcard brought to life and a must for anyone planning Aitutaki travel! A short hop from Rarotonga, Cook Islands, you will find yourself surrounded by the friendly faces of the people of Aitutaki lagoon. Prepare to slow down, relax and enjoy Aitutaki travel on “island time”.
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Aitutaki Kiteboarding school and center