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Aitutaki Accommodations

Aitutaki lagoon, cook islands
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Aitutaki Accommodation

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Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands, South Pacific
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Aitutaki lagoon and its islands are truly a special place that offers many activities, lagoon tours, Aitutaki fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, motu drop offs, dining and a little shopping. Come and see some of the most beautiful sights in the South pacific: The Aitutaki Lagoon, Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands -  Activities

Tauono's Garden Cafe - View Location

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Tauono’s Garden Cafe opened as a millennium commitment on January 1, 2000.  Its owned and operated by Sonja (Austrian born, nationalized Canadian, Cook Island resident) and Tauono Raela (born on Aitutaki).

We met on Aitutaki 11 years ago and married in Canada 7 months later.  Since March 1995, our joy has been and is growing and creating things and most of all, sharing our creations with our guests.

Our facilities - our services - our produce - our crafts - our hospitality are offered to you in a spirit of Aloha and Kia Orana!

We are the only true organic gardeners on Aitutaki.  Since start-up, we have not used chemical fertilizers, nor herbicides or pesticides.  We serve primarily fruits and vegetables from our own plantations or food that is created in our kitchen; hence we can assure you of the best we can offer.

Everything we grow, we convert to edibles aimed to please our guests - fresh juices from fruit in season, jams and jellies; our own coffee, fruit smoothies and herbal teas; breads made from arrowroot and breadfruit; main meal side dishes from vegetables from our garden and plantations; our famous coconut cake flavored with our own vanilla beans and lemon peels.

If you are self-catering during your stay, we have herbs and veggies to flavor your meals.  Our coconut cake is always available and our fruit stand is usually amply filled with a good selection not found elsewhere on the island (limited offerings after hurricanes!)

Feel free to tour our garden where vegetables are picked to your request.  Recipes suited to your holiday stay are gladly provided.

We offer plantation tours where we do companion planting.  See coffee, pineapple, root vegetables, produce, etc. and get to sample some of the fruits in season.

Please ask us if you need special services for weddings (ceremony, flowers, meal), picnics, birthdays, anniversaries, group celebrations or catering.  Cooking classes on request for maximum of 4 people.  All ingredients supplied.  Tailored to your likes and dietary needs.

Make this your home away from home - stay as long as you like - and Bon Appetite!  View Location
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one foot island aitutaki
Yellow box fish
Aerial photo of the Aitutaki lagoon
Snorklers on the aitutaki lagoon
Deep sea fishing, Aitutaki, Cook Islands
Fisherman with nice yellow fin tuna
Family reunion on Aitutaki
Your snorkeling guide hard at work
In Memory of Tauono Raela.  2010
Truly one of the kindest most beautiful people we have ever known.

His wife continues to serve delicious foods from their organic garden.